AB Classic
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AB Classic

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AB Classic Description

An anti-static mat that is ideal for dry and non-abrasive areas and where static electricity is present. Perfect for assembly and picking lines. Cleanroom ISO Class 5 (Class 100). - 8 Year Warranty

AB Classic Features

Unmatched Safety Features

  • Molded beleved edges
    – They will never curl up, eliminating tripping hazards

  • Any size and shape, always in one piece
    – No overlapping or worn-out connecting mats, also eliminating trip hazards
    Highest Quality

  • Virgin raw material only
    – Unbeaten durability and ergonomic relief

  • Not only anti-fatique, but also true ergonomic benefits
    – Unique ergonomic designs, eliminating and preventing common problems encountered in
    standing environments stimulating the body to increase blood circulation and alertness that will
    reduce sick leave, workers™ compensation and quality issues.
    – Solid mat throughout; no hollow bubbles that collapse
    The AB Classic Advantage

  • Solid mat throughout, no hollow bubbles that collapse.
    – Long-term solution to keep the œbounce back effect thoughout the warranty period.

  • Anti-static properties
  • Silicone & latex-free
  • Cleanroom ISO Class 5 (100)
  • AB Classic Datasheet

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