1700 Mitcool Sleeves
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1700 Mitcool Sleeves

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1700 Mitcool Sleeves Description

The 1700 Mitcool disposable garments are designed for use in Grade A (ISO 5/Class 100) areas or as a personal protection garment. The 1700 Mitcool material blend is laminated with binding material for low particle shedding and provides excellent liquid chemical resistance. The material is also soft and breathable for user comfort. Sterility for each triple bagged garment is assured to 10¯6 sterility assurance level. 1700 garments are processed in an ISO 6 manufacturing area. VAI garments are double bagged with a liner bag making it easy to remove the products from the case and transport into your classified areas. 

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1700 Mitcool Sleeves Datasheet

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1700 Mitcool Sleeves
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