June Newsletter: Key Concepts Driving the Future of Single-Use in Biopharma Production

Key Concepts Driving the Future of Single-Use in  Biopharma Production

Single-use systems consisting of bags, tubing, filters and other connecting components have now been in use in the biopharmaceutical industry for over 25 years.  There are nearly no areas of the process where at least one single-use solution does not exist to provide the many conveniences which disposable, pre-sterilized components can enable. Read the full story

Product Spotlight

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is key and it is not just about eliminating microbial risks. Staying on guard and constantly
monitoring keeps your production area safe. See our new products from MilliporeSigma here. 

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Case Study

Indirect Cost Savings

The Suite Sponge’s development provides an interesting analysis of the indirect costs of a product, and why, while the initial costs of implementing may be large the Suite Sponge actually provides a cost savings. 

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