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GMP Compliant Solutions for Environmental Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Millipore Sigma is known for their easy-to-use industry leading products which set the benchmark for performance, consistency, and risk mitigation for critical Cleanroom environments. 

As a premier USA distributor for Millipore Sigma, Benchmark Products has Subject Matter Experts who can guide and educate you about the right Millipore Sigma solution for your environment.

Surface & Personnel Monitoring

  • ICR Swab 3
  • ICR/ICRplus Contact Plates – Gamma-irradiated and triple bagged
  • Single bagged Contact Plates
  • HYCON® Contact Slides

Microbial Air Monitoring 

  • ICR/ICRplus Settle Plates – Gamma-irradiated and triple bagged
  • Single bagged Settle Plates

Isolators and RABS

  • IsoBag® rapid transfer bag

Media Fill & Aseptic Process Simulation

  • Dehydrated Media – Gamma-irradiated
  • Ready-to-use Media

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