Case Study

Annex 1 and Cleaning Cost Reduction

Upcoming changes due to Annex 1 require modification of cleaning validation and a separation of cleaning and disinfecting procedures. We performed an analysis of Suite® products and their total cost of ownership. This case study reviews the following:

  • Background Issues, Context, and the Suite® Product Line
  • Product Impacts on Cost, Time, and Quality
  • Outcome of Conversion to Suite® Products

Annual shutdowns for cleaning is the perfect time to try Suite® for yourself.  Performing coupon testing in QC Labs to validate it’s capabilities in cleaning and will help you prepare for Annex 1. Contact us for samples to test Suite® for your next cleaning validation. 

If you would like to learn more about Suite® and it’s capabilities to clean more effectively while also reducing total cost, please submit the form to read a case study performed by Benchmark Products with one of our largest pharmaceutical manufacturing customers.

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