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W5 Dry Wipers


KIMTECH* Brand offers truly innovative wiper solutions for scientific environments. From sterile pre-saturated cleanroom wipers to the wiper that's the industry standard for labs and research, KIMTECH* Brand continues to provide the high-performance wiper solutions you need. KIMTECH SCIENCE* KIMWIPES* Delicate Task Wipers were the first delicate task wiper for laboratories and since then have been the market leader for wiping surfaces, parts, instruments and cleaning lenses. Other products have tried to imitate, but have never matched the original. Don’t put your delicate processes at risk!


High liquid absorbency rate, plus excellent absorption efficiency and capacity. No binders or surfactants are used resulting in low extractables. Cloth-like feel. Double bagged with case liner.




9" x 9".


100/Bag; 5 Bags/Case.

Product Items

W-06179 White · 9" x 9" · 100/Bag; 5 Bags/Case