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Tygon® Ultra-Soft Tubing


Soft and flexible, new Tygon® E-1000 Non-DEHP Laboratory Tubing delivers the same superior performance you have come to expect from Tygon® tubing but now in a formulation that contains non-DEHP [Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate] plasticizers. The new Tygon® E-1000 Non-DEHP Laboratory Tubing has been tested rigorously to ensure that it meets the same physical standards, including low temperature and corrosive chemical resistance as the old Tygon® R-1000 tubing. Tygon® Ultra-Soft Tubing resists twisting and collapse, which are common problems when using other tubing products. Tygon® E-1000 tubing stays flexible at temperature as low as -67° F (-55° C). The extremely low durometer is ideal when using low-torque or battery-driven peristaltic pumps. Tygon® Ultra-Soft Tubing will typically outlast silicone tubing in peristaltic pump applications by a margin of 2 to 1. 


• Soft and flexible for lab set-ups 
• Low-temperature resistant for low level cryogenic applications 
• Resistant to corrosive chemicals for laboratory applications 
• Low durometer for use in low-torque pump applications 
• Meets FDA requirements for food contact 

Typical Applications: 
• Synthesis and research set ups 
• Analytical instruments 
• Buffer solutions 
• Peristaltic pumps 
• Vent and drain lines