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TruCLEAN Wringer


Wringer System Used with Items 22-3 & 22-2


The stainless steel TruCLEAN Wringer is designed to exert and distribute pressure evenly over the whole surface, providing effective control of moisture content in mop heads. Unique wringing action significantly improves release of soiled contaminants, when compared to all other designs. Accurately calibrated pressure plates, combined with hundreds of release apertures and natural gravity flow, precisely channel soiled contaminants into waste collection bucket, reducing splashing and time wasted re-mopping floors. Ergonomically positioned lever and non-slip grip are comfortable to use and reduce muscle fatigue. Fewer moving parts reduces potential for mechanical problems. Easy to clean and keep clean. Provides long service life. Compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization.

Product Items

Y-22-30 1/Each