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Sterile PROSAT® Knit Wipes with Quiltec I


PROSAT wipes feature Quiltec fabric made using two layers of knitted polyester fabric that have been bonded together to form a stronger, more durable abrasion and chemical resistant wipe with greater solvent holding and delivery capacity. The laser-cut edges seal fibers at the wipe edge making it extremely low in particle and fiber contamination. Saturated with a blend of 70% IPA and 30% DI Water, PROSAT wipes are an excellent choice for cleaning large surface areas.


Sterile PROSAT, Quiltec I wipes presaturated with 70% IPA/30% DI Water, 12" x 12"


20 wipes/bag; 15 bags/case.

Product Items

W-PSQS0001 20 wipes/bag; 15 bags/case