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Starsys Mobile WorkCenter


The Starsys™  Mobile WorkCenter group is a polymerbased, highly-adaptive system, that enhances productivity and space efficiency by empowering the end user with the ability to easily reconfigure and move units to fit your changing workflow demands. Mobile WorkCenters create flexible space. No matter what you need — open, closed, short, tall, mobile or stationary, preconfigured workcenters — Starsys has the solution for you. With Starsys, you choose from an array of modular units to fit the space and work specifications. It’s that easy. And that flexible.


 • Facilitates fast, efficient product or furniture installation.
• The ability to easily reconfigure the WorkCenter room layout as needs change.
• The ability to easily reconfigure unit design.
• Durable, easy-to-clean, polymer enclosures that won’t chip, peel, dent, or rust — ever.
• Rigid anodized aluminum and metal substructure, combined with advanced polymers, provides a robust and stable work environment for even the most sensitive equipment.
• Advanced Security Options available — including electronic locks, push button locks, as well as mechanical keylocks.

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