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Solid & Wire Shelf Cleanroom Cart


A durable, dependable transport solution that’s easy to maneuver. 
• Highly rigid Super Erecta® construction lets you easily adjust shelves at 1" (25mm) increments. 
• Each cart consists of 2 handles, indicated number of shelves of material listed, and casters. 
18" (457mm) wide carts have 4" (102mm) light-duty casters and are 38" (965mm) high. 21" (530mm) and 24" (610mm) wide carts have 5" (127mm) light-duty casters providing 375 lbs. (171kg) of load capacity and are 39" (990mm) high.


The most efficient way to create mobile space.
- Ergonomically-designed for low effort transport.
- Precise handling you need to maneuver in close quarters.
- Sturdy aluminum corner castings firmly secure solid shelves to posts.

*MW400 Series - 1 Solid, 2 Wire Shelves*


Stainless SteelChrome


18x24, 18x30, 18x36, 21x36, 24x36.

Product Items

E-MW401 Stainless Steel, Chrome · 18x24
E-MW402 Stainless Steel, Chrome · 18x30
E-MW403 Stainless Steel, Chrome · 18x36
E-MW404 Stainless Steel, Chrome · 21x36
E-MW406 Stainless Steel, Chrome · 24x36