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Sani-Tech® Extended Life Silicone Tubing


Sani-Tech® SIL-250 is a high-performance, extended-life, platinum-cured silicone tubing formulation specifically designed for demanding peristaltic pump applications. Its superior flex life characteristics reduce potential production downtime due to pump tubing failure. Sani-Tech® SIL-250 has an extremely smooth inner surface that helps minimize the risk of particle entrapment during sensitive fluid transfer. 


• Lasts up to five times longer than other platinum silicone tubing 
• Minimal extractables help maintain fluid integrity 
• Ultra-smooth inner bore reduces potential particle entrapment 
• Documented biocompatibility for sensitive applications 
• Excellent fluid flow characteristics 
• Taste-free and odor-free 
• Meets USP Class VI and FDA criteria 

Typical Applications: 
• Production filtration and fermentation 
• Sterile fill lines 
• Media processing 
• Cell harvest collection systems 
• Chemistry and blood analysis 
• Liquid chromatography