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Process LpH st Sterile & Gallon Dose


Process LpH® st sterile gallon is a one-step, non-alkaline phenolic cleaner/disinfectant specifically formulated for use on hard, non-porous surfaces. Process LpH st is proven effective in the presence of heavy soil (5% bovine serum) and in hard water. Process LpH st is gamma irradiated to ensure sterility and double bagged for ease of introduction into aseptic areas. Process LpH is buffered to maintain a use dilution pH of 2.6 - 3.0 and is ideal for use in a disinfectant rotation program with Process Vesphene II st.


1 Gallon, 1 Ounce.


144/Case, 4/Case.

Product Items

C-6841-28 1 Ounce · 144/Case
C-6841-08 1 Gallon · 4/Case