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PharmaFluor® FEP Tubing


PharmaFluor® FEP is a fluoropolymer tubing that meets the demands of biopharmaceutical, medical and laboratory applications. PharmaFluor® tubing has outstanding chemical and physical characteristics because processing occurs under stringently controlled conditions. In addition to being chemically inert, PharmaFluor® tubing can be used in a broad range of temperatures, from -100°F to 400°F.

Fluid integrity is an obvious area of concern in biopharmaceutical, medical and lab applications. PharmaFluor® FEP will resist the absorption/adsorption of aqueous fluids, which minimizes the risk of fluid alteration in single or repeat use applications. PharmaFluor® tubing is also virtually unaffected by chemical sanitizers and cleaners and can be cleaned repeatedly without decreasing its service life.


• Chemically inert
• Ultra-pure
• Documented biocompatibility
• Fully characterized to all current standards
• Non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic and non-hemolytic
• Extremely low sorption characteristics compared to other flexible tubings
• Fully autoclavable and sterilizable
• Excellent barrier with very low permeability

Typical Applications
• Sterile filling and dispensing systems
• Diagnostic equipment
• General laboratory use
• Cell and tissue culture transport
• Analytical and process equipment in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and environmental fields