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Metro Wall Mount Garment Rack


Racks are designed to provide efficient storage of Cleanroom garments. Hangers are spaces at 3" intervals. Electro-polished, Type 304 stainless steel hangers are included. Upright units are approximately 74" high; wall mount units are 7 1/2" tall.


- Type 304 stainless steel construction throughout.
- Open-wire design promotes laminar air flow.
- Adjustable stainless steel leveling feet provide floor mount or free stainding option.
- Unique hanger capture mechanism and hanger design provide theft deterrence.

ESD Classification: Non-Conductive (Units can be made conductive with the use of conductive plastic split sleeves.)


24x36 (11 Hangers), 24x48 (15 Hangers), 24x60 (19 Hangers), 24x72 (23 Hangers).



Product Items

E-GRW2436S 24x36 (11 Hangers) · Each
E-GRW2448S 24x48 (15 Hangers) · Each
E-GRW2460S 24x60 (19 Hangers) · Each
E-GRW2472S 24x72 (23 Hangers) · Each