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MaxGrip® Shoe Covers


Shoe Covers, anti-skid sole, serged seams


Our MaxGrip shoe covers are ideal for those areas where slip & fall protection is needed in damp to dry areas. The anti-skid properties of the MaxGrip sole have outstanding performance on a variety of surfaces and in a number of applications. The upper material used with our MaxGrip sole is made of BarrierTech® and provides particle holdout and protection from fluids and light chemical splash. Available in Cleanroom white and five sizes(S, M, L, Univ., XL) to ensure a proper fit. MaxGrip is suitable for use in a Controlled Environment.
- MaxGrip skid resistant sole with serged seams.




Large, Medium, Small, Universal, X-Large.


100 Pair/Case.

Product Items

A-SH-E1W11-BH White · Small · 100 Pair/Case
A-SH-E1W15-BH White · Medium · 100 Pair/Case
A-SH-E1W16-BH White · Large · 100 Pair/Case
A-SH-E1W12-BH White · Universal · 100 Pair/Case
A-SH-E1W13-BH White · X-Large · 100 Pair/Case