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Hypo-Chlor Wipe


HYPO-CHLOR Wipe 0.25%, 0.52%, and 5.25% are superior saturated sodium hypochlorite with USP WFI wipes used for both aseptic and non-aseptic wipe downs of filling and packaging machinery, stainless steel surfaces, lexan, polycarbonate, glass and any critical surfaces that require cleaning.  The unique and patented Asepti-Fill system assures sterility of the wipes is contained. HYPO-CHLOR wipe is the first sterile sodium hypochlorite wipe in the marketplace. These are great for intricate or sensitive locations where a spray down that would create an overage of residue is not desired. Materials are quality assurance tested and released to specifications defined by IEST and ASTM methods. 


- Available in both sterile and non-sterile 12” x 12” versions   
- Aseptically filled and packaged into sterile components 
- Delivered with the lot specific Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Sterility  - Sterility tested according to current USP compendium 
- Cut using FocusEdge cutting technology 
- Extremely low in particulate shedding and soluble extractable 
- Laundered in ultra-filtered water of 0.45? 
- Dried in a ULPA filtered Class 1 air stream 
- Packaged Quadruple Bagged using the ABCD Clean Room Introduction System™ 
- Packaged 20 wipes per pack that are folded for easy removal 




100/cs, 200/cs.

Product Items

W-VEL9-12X12-3019 Hypo-Chlor 0.52% Wipe, Non-Sterile · White · 200/cs
W-VEL9-12X12-3021 Hypo-Chlor 0.25% Wipe, Non-Sterile · White · 200/cs
W-VEL9-12X12-S-3018 Hypo-Chlor 0.52% Wipe, Sterile · White · 200/cs
W-VEL9-12X12-S-3020 Hypo-Chlor 0.25% Wipe, Sterile · White · 200/cs
W-VEL9-12X12-S-3025 Hypo-Chlor 5.25% Wipe, Sterile · White · 100/cs