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High Performance Moping Hardware


EASYGrip™ Handles
Gray & Yellow
Design Incorporates: 
* Closed cell EVA foam grips that are non-aborbent -easily cleaned and disinfected 
* 2 Grips on handle for ease of use and comfort
* Heavy duty hardened aluminum tubing 
* Hard coat anodized
* Length adjustable for users comfort 
* Rugged external locking collar 
* Swivel end-cap with eye & vent 
* Designed for Ergonomic efficiency

EASYGrip™ Flat Mop Frames
Gray & Yellow
Design & Detail:
* Heavy duty construction -ribbed design molded into frame for strength and rigidity 
* Heavy duty hardened aluminum 
* Angled end caps for easy access to corners 
* Hook & Loop strips integrated with end-cap are replaceable
* Hook & Loop strips can be sterilized for Pharma-Clean Room applications 
* Easy-On & Off end cap facilitates maintenance 
* Integrated track (top side) for Twist & Lock options

* The ONLY Hardware with a Lifetime Warranty





Product Items

Y-VKN10510 12" Flat Mop Frame · Grey, Yellow · 10/Case
Y-VKN10516 18" Flat Mop Frame · Grey, Yellow · 10/Case
Y-HKN10534 36" Hook & Loop Dust Mop Frame · Grey, Yellow · 10/Case
Y-HKN4875 Short Telescopic Handle 48cm-72cm · Grey, Yellow · 10/Case
Y-H14356 Easy Grip Handle · Grey, Yellow · 10/Case
Y-HKN85150 59" Easy Grip Telescopic Handle · Grey, Yellow · 10/Case
Y-HKN22528 Easy Grip Flexible Duster · Grey, Yellow · 10/Case