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Open and Closed Loop Hangers
• For freestanding or wall mounted gowning racks, removable and non-removable hanger models.
• Accommodates 1˝ (25mm)-diameter hanger rods.
• Closed loop hangers discourage removal from the gowning area.
* Hangers not included with Hanger Bar Kits.

Two-Piece Hangers
• For use with non-removable hanger models.
• Top component is affixed to the gowning rack, while the bottom component is removable for convenient mounting of the garment.
• These hangers discourage removal from the gowning area.


ChromeElectropolishedStainless Steel

Product Items

E-OLH-C (Open Loop) Chrome
E-OLH-S (Open Loop) Stainless Steel
E-OLH-EP (Open Loop) Electropolished
E-CLH-C (Closed Loop) Chrome
E-CLH-S (Closed Loop) Stainless Steel
E-CLH-EP (Closed Loop) Electropolished
E-TPH-C (Two Piece) Chrome
E-TPH-S (Two Piece) Stainless Steel
E-TPH-EP (Two Piece) Electropolished