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Eagle Perforated Cleanroom Tabletop


Type 304 stainless steel tables are available with solid or perforated tops, brushed or electropolished finish. All perforated tops have 3/4" perforations on 1" centers, allowing for 40% laminar flow. Available in standard widths of 24", 30", and 36" and lengths from 36" to 96". Custom sizes available upons request. All cleanroom tables are alcohol wiped and cleanroom bagged. Standard table bases are C-frame or H-frame in brushed or electropolished finish. Undershelves are available upon request.


• Heavy gauge type 304 all stainless steel construction. 
• Tops are 14 gauge, electropolished or brushed stainless steel and reinforced with heavy gauge hat channels. Alcohol-wiped and cleanroom bagged. 
• 11 ⁄2 ˝ (38mm)-diameter, rolled down edges at front and rear. 
• Ends turned down 90° at 11 ⁄2 ˝ (38mm) providing for flush installations when required. 
• Base assembly incorporates the “strength by design” patented uni-lok®  (patent #5,165,349) stainless steel gusset system which is welded into hat channel, reducing lateral movement. 
• Legs and crossbracing are 16 gauge 15 ⁄8 ˝ (41mm)-diameter with welded crossbracing front to back and choice of center or rear knocked-down crossbracing. 
• For solid top tables, undershelves are heavy gauge construction with hat channel reinforcement on tables 84˝ (2134mm) and longer. 
• For perforated tables, perforations are 3 ⁄4 ˝ (19mm) diameter on 1˝ (25mm) centers to allow a minimum 40% laminar flow. 
• Tables supplied with 1˝ (25mm) adjustable stainless steel bullet feet. 
• All tables provided with stainless steel assembly hardware and are shipped knock-down. 
• Custom sizes available.


Brushed StainlessElectropolished


24x24, 24x36, 24x48, 24x60, 24x72, 24x84, 24x96, 30x30, 30x36, 30x48, 30x60, 30x72, 30x84, 30x96, 36x36, 36x48, 36x60, 36x72, 36x84, 36x96.

Product Items

E-EPCRT2424T Electropolished · 24x24
E-EPCRT2436T Electropolished · 24x36
E-EPCRT2448T Electropolished · 24x48
E-EPCRT2460T Electropolished · 24x60
E-EPCRT2472T Electropolished · 24x72
E-EPCRT3036T Electropolished · 30x36
E-EPCRT3048T Electropolished · 30x48
E-EPCRT3060T Electropolished · 30x60
E-EPCRT3072T Electropolished · 30x72
E-EPCRT3084T Electropolished · 30x84
E-EPCRT3096T Electropolished · 30x96
E-EPCRT3636T Electropolished · 36x36
E-EPCRT3648T Electropolished · 36x48
E-EPCRT3660T Electropolished · 36x60
E-EPCRT3672T Electropolished · 36x72
E-EPCRT3684T Electropolished · 36x84
E-EPCRT3696T Electropolished · 36x96
E-CRPT2424T Brushed Stainless · 24x24
E-CRPT2436T Brushed Stainless · 24x36
E-CRPT2448T Brushed Stainless · 24x48
E-CRPT2460T Brushed Stainless · 24x60
E-CRPT2472T Brushed Stainless · 24x72
E-CRPT2484T Brushed Stainless · 24x84
E-CRPT2496T Brushed Stainless · 24x96
E-CRPT3030T Brushed Stainless · 30x30
E-CRPT3036T Brushed Stainless · 30x36
E-CRPT3048T Brushed Stainless · 30x48
E-CRPT3060T Brushed Stainless · 30x60
E-CRPT3072T Brushed Stainless · 30x72
E-CRPT3084T Brushed Stainless · 30x84
E-CRPT3096T Brushed Stainless · 30x96
E-CRPT3636T Brushed Stainless · 36x36
E-CRPT3648T Brushed Stainless · 36x48
E-CRPT3660T Brushed Stainless · 36x60
E-CRPT3672T Brushed Stainless · 36x72
E-CRPT3684T Brushed Stainless · 36x84
E-CRPT3696T Brushed Stainless · 36x96