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Decon-Glass, 16oz Trigger Spray


Decon-Glass Sterile solutions are used for the cleaning of glass, plexiglass, surfaces, and many other applications that require the use of a streak free sterile glass cleaner that incorporates detergency characteristics. It is an effective one step, ready-to-use, residue remover, glass and plexiglass cleaner that is formulated with USP purified water. Decon-Glass is produced sterile by aseptic filtration at 0.2 microns. It is designed for all washable environmental surfaces. Using Decon-Glass, one can assure that noticeable and unnoticeable residues, smudges, oils and dirt build-up are removed, thus returning the surface to its original form. Each container is double bag packaged and delivered with the lot specific Certificate of Analysis and Sterility Report.

Product Items

C-DG-03-16Z 12/Case