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ComforTech® Frocks -Zip


Frocks, raglan sleeve, elastic wrist, snap collar, zip


ComforTech frocks provide a 99.9% filtration efficiency rate and protect wearers from light chemical splash, particles and biologicals while keeping them cool and comfortable. A breathable and lightweight garment, the ComforTech frock is also durable and will effectively meet your controlled environment needs. A mandarin style snap collar adds style and comfort while providing additional coverage for the chest and neck area. Our ComforTech frocks are cut and sewn to an appropriate length to ensure full coverage and with the nylon zipper option, the ComforTech frock adds another level of particle holdout and protection. Our ComforTech frocks are treated with an anti-stat application for those environments where electro-static dissipative (ESD) protection is required.
- Our ComforTech frocks feature serged seams and elastic wrists, with a snap mandarin collar. No pockets.




2X-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large, Large, Medium, Small, X-Large.



Product Items

A-FK-J2141-1 White · Small · 25/Case
A-FK-J2141-2 White · Medium · 25/Case
A-FK-J2141-3 White · Large · 25/Case
A-FK-J2141-4 White · X-Large · 25/Case
A-FK-J2141-5 White · 2X-Large · 25/Case
A-FK-J2141-6 White · 3X-Large · 25/Case
A-FK-J2141-7 White · 4X-Large · 25/Case