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Cleanroom Wafer Box Tape


UltraTape 1112 / 0112 is specifically designed for cleanroom packaging and in process use. Its high cleanliness, low outgassing, no residue, and excellent ability to conform to surfaces, make it ideal for sealing wafer boxes and poly bags.


- Residue free removal eases cleaning and reusing wafer boxes
- Excellent ability to conform to uneven surfaces and create better seals
- Low outgassing
- Cleanroom certified

Colors Available: 
Clear (CL), Green (GR), Red (RE), Tinted Blue (TB), White (WH), Yellow (YE)

* Color option to be entered in the "XX" field on the item#.


0.5 Inches, 0.75 Inches, 1 Inch, 1.5 Inches, 2 Inches, 3 Inches.


16/Case, 24/Case, 32/Case, 48/Case.

Product Items

T-1112XX100-P3D 1 Inch · 24/Case
T-1112XX075-P3T 0.75 Inches · 32/Case
T-1112XX050-P3T 0.5 Inches · 48/Case
T-1112XX150-P3D 1.5 Inches · 32/Case
T-1112XX200-P3D 2 Inches · 24/Case
T-1112XX300-P3D 3 Inches · 16/Case