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Cleanroom Chairs


Backrest is totally encased. Vinyl upholstery covers the front and back. A polypropylene rear panel on the backrest provides protection so that the vinyl upholstery is not compromised if the chair bumps something.

 • Self-contained pneumatic seat-height adjustment mechanism cylinder is firmly plugged to keep particles securely inside. The mechanism allows adjustment of seat height with the touch of a finger. There is no discharge of gas or particles into the surroundings.
 • Five-legged base is either solid, polished cast aluminum or heavy-duty, chrome-plated tubular steel. Chair legs in the tubular base are plugged to keep random particles securely inside.
 • Screws that attach the seat and backrest to the frame are put into a metal t-nut assembly with a thread sealant to prevent air leakage.
 • A lip around the molded foam seat serves as a seat edge bumper guard.
 • Seat board and cushion are wrapped with heavy-gauge expanded vinyl and double stapled to fully encase the seat bottom. The edges are sealed with a flexible adhesive.
 • Choose from Class 1 - Class 1000 Seating