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Autoclavable Cleanroom Tape


The 7160 is constructed of a durable vinyl backing which provides vibrant chemical and abrasion resistant colors and a strong rubber adhesive that can withstand the autoclave process.


- Cleanroom particle free 
- Low residue Writable with a ball point pen
- Available in a gamma irradiated version 

Colors Available: 
Black(BK), Blue(BL), Clear CL), Green(GR), Orange(OR),Grey(GY) Red (RE), White (WH), Yellow (YE), Purple(PR), Brown (BR)

* Color option to be entered in the "XX" field on the item#.


0.5 Inches, 0.75 Inches, 1 Inch, 1.5 Inches, 2 Inches, 3 Inches.


16/Case, 24/Case, 32/Case, 48/Case.

Product Items

T-7160XX050-P3D 0.5 Inches · 48/Case
T-7160XX075-P3D 0.75 Inches · 32/Case
T-7160XX100-P3D 1 Inch · 24/Case
T-7160XX150-P3D 1.5 Inches · 32/Case
T-7160XX200-P3D 2 Inches · 24/Case
T-7160XX300-P3D 3 Inches · 16/Case